Chat With Me – Phone Companionship & Pillow Talk

Sometimes feeling another’s warm smile, hearing their kind words whispered and engaging in an intriguing chat is all that is needed to make your day.

In our fast-paced society many women find it hard to have an intelligent chat with a man. In the throes of this it then becomes all too easy to feel alone, frustrated, disconnected from yourself or others. You may perhaps feel as if you have not been heard, not properly cared for or unprotected.

At some point we all need someone to talk to, hear a kind word or be re-assured that everything will be alright.

chatWhat would it mean to you to have a
male companion to chat with during the day or to verbally tuck you in bed with some pillow talk at night? A masculine male companion to share you day, your hopes, dreams, desires for the future or fantasies in a supportive nonjudgmental manner?

Let’s connect over the phone discussing whatever is on your mind or in your heart. We can also chat about anything from current events to sensuality and anything in between.

You can engage me as your personal confidant to remind you that you are human, allowed to make mistakes yet still perfect even with imperfections. You will have me to whisper compliments into your ear about how amazing you actually are; a far cry from the barrage of criticisms or doubt that you receive from others or even perhaps yourself.

I’m here for you with a sympathetic ear to listen. Occasionally I may be a little flirtatious, cheeky, humorous or share a perspective that may not otherwise occur to you.

The donation for chatting is made on a special individualized basis so that it will not be a financial burden or an impediment to indulging in a pleasurable, delightful chat with me.

Contact me for details.