A Serendipitous Encounter with a Quality Male Companion For Women

Partial reprint of Carlee & Jessie’s full article on CityEssence.net

Lately there has been a growing number of news articles, reports and blog posting about the rise in the interest for a STRAIGHT male companion for women and the women able, willing and in fact do pay them for romance, companionship, intimacy and even sex. This is something that was recently a BIG NO NO among many women; even female companions. The market for a man also known as a Gigolo, straight male companion for women and courtesan has tripled in the last five years in some places such as the UK.

Male Companion Need:

At CityEssence.net our own research of the male escort industry revealed that there is most certainly a need, and a market, for male companions and that the desire for ladies in search of male escorts is growing. While many career-minded women have busy lives and lack the time for a complicated relationship, the desire for intimacy and companionship is still very much there. It seems that women want the connection and intimacy of a relationship, but without the complications that can sometimes be associated with one; and a male escort provides that ‘temporary’ relationship, with no strings attached.

We wanted to create a better site for reputable providers in the industry to advertise their services and the experience they offer, and in recognition of this growth in our industry we discussed including male companions. However, not being familiar with the male courtesan side of the industry, we began our site with the focus on female providers.

Being in the industry ourselves, we saw so many ad sites moving away from the advertiser focus to include too many other things that detracted from the providers. Because of this we set out to develop a site dedicated to those reputable and verifiable providers in the industry. We still wanted to include male companions, as well, but we still had no one that we could turn to for answers.

Male Companion for Women Answer:

male companionShortly thereafter, as if the universe felt our desire and decided to fulfill it, we were contacted by Anthony, a straight male companion catering exclusively to women.

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