To make a way for another is to make one in both your hearts.

Donations help to defray the costs of providing luxury companion services. I’ve tried my best to devise a donation structure that is both commensurate with my level of companionship and affordable. All donations are greatly appreciated.

I like to use the term adventure instead of “date” because it not only relieves some of the pressure and anxiety that is often associated with a “date”. But more importantly our time together will be such a unique and exciting experience(s) that it will linger in your imagination and forever cherished in your heart.

A two hour minimum is suggested (although certainly not required) for all adventures. This gives us more time to get a better feel for one another and a better chance to form a connection. The initial meet and greet can be one hour or less.

Weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, semi-annual and annual Adventures can be arranged. Contact me for details.

Please note that a 20% deposit is required for all local adventures and 50% deposit required on out of town ones. All subject to my cancellation policy.

I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and cash.

Luxury companion donations are as follows:

Adventures Hourly

  • 1 Hour Meet & Greet $200

    Can be combined with any adventure

  • 1 Hour Adventure $400

  • 2 Hour Adventure $800

  • 4 Hour Adventure $1,500

  • 1 Hour Bondassage Adventure $250

    90 minutes $350, 2 hours $450

  • 2 Hour Adventure On The Town $600

    3 hours $750; 4 hours $1,000. Can be combined with any adventure.


Do you desire an adventure with me but need me to travel? No problem. Click here to see the minimum commitment of time.

Adventure Packages

  • 1/2 Day/Overnight Adventure (8 to 12 hours) $2,500
  • 1 Day Adventure (24 hours) $3,500
  • 2 Day Adventure (48 hours) $4,500
  • 3 Day Adventure (72 hours) $5,500
  • 1 Week Adventure (168 hours) $10,500
  • Adventures longer than 1 week Contact me via email