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About Me

A Big Bite

Click on the tabs to get a better feeal for me as a Professional Boyfriend (aka black male escort companion, gigolo, courtesan) for women.
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  • Phone: 1 202.643.8034

Deep inside I’m a non-judgmental sensual warrior, lover of ancient indigenous civilizations, artist, deep thinker, and advocate for human rights & justice. I’ve broken bread with Massai Warriors in Kenya, eaten raw/live vegetarian food for six years exclusively, been foretold my destiny by shamans, owned businesses, and made love to some amazing women all along the way.

An attractive black male escort, masculine, discreet, educated, cultured, and always the respectful gentleman. Although suave and debonair in style, my blunders remind me to be humble & real.

I truly love making a woman feel EXCEPTIONAL, sexy, and BEAUTIFUL. To see her smile or laugh at something I’ve whispered. I have a fervent love for human rights and justice having worked in community organizations promoting unity and self-determination for all of my adult life. It makes one sensitive and appreciative of the beauty in each of us.

A formally trained CHEF in the U.S. military and connoisseur of vegetarian cuisine. I love preparing a succulent tasting dining experience for a special friend. And if you have the appetite perhaps afterward we will partake in dessert.

CONVERSANT on a myriad of intriguing topics such as culture, history, politics, current events, spirituality, and many others.

SKILLED in multiple SENSUAL HEALING techniques from Sensualsage to Bondassage® that will make your body quiver with delight. Rock-hard abs, firm rear, and STRONG hands.

A certified practitioner of Bondassage. The world's first and only Straight Male Escort Companion catering exclusively to women providing Bondassage exclusively to women. My touch of companionship can be DEEPLY INTENSE and MAGICAL.

Playing music is a huge passion of mine. I have performed in several musical ensembles and toured much of the Midwestern USA.

Sometimes when I play or compose music it takes me into an ecstatic trance. A zone one falls into by allowing oneself to let go of everything in order to ride the waves of rhythm’s ebbs, flows, and the spaces between the notes. It enhances the senses, creativity, and feelings of joy fivefold. Finally, one loses all track of time while in the moment.

Neuropsychologists refer to this mental state as flow. This is the place that most artists strive to reach while plying their craft.

This instrument teaches and challenges every player to go deeper (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) into a hidden universe that is vast, deep, and full of wonders.

I’ve been a guest musician recording on several professional CDs.

A gentleman COMPANION at all times for a lovely evening of cozy dining, cocktails, dancing, conversation, relaxing massage, or just someone to LISTEN to.

I became a STRAIGHT black male escort providing companionship to women and couples after an amazing woman asked me to become her companion that brings excitement, joy, and pleasure into her life. Of course, there’s much more to the story and I would love to share it with you during our tryst.

Although dominant I’m not domineering. I can give options so that you make the final decision or I can also take control to plan the perfect escape. In either case, you can just relax and enjoy.

My joy comes from creating a space of intimacy that makes a friend feel EXCEPTIONAL, sexy and BEAUTIFUL. And when you gaze at me with sheer amazement and wonder.

The only thing that I demand of a patron is to reciprocate courtesy and respect – virtues afforded by all decent people. However, your warmth, openness, and willingness to learn goes a long way in making the encounter an enjoyable adventure for both of us.

I see it as a great honor to bring some excitement, joy, and pleasure into another’s life. I warmly welcome women of all backgrounds, ages, and experience levels regardless of their relationship status.

Art, ancient and indigenous civilizations, human rights & justice, martial arts, classic soul, Worldbeat, Reggae, Jazz & Classic Rock