Hetrosexual Male Escort Coach & Mentor

Those Who Are Excellent In What They Do Have Commitment, Sacrafice And Longevity

Many men have asked me to help them either become a heterosexual male escort for women, survive in this business, or give them advice. Some female escorts have even asked me to train their guy. I've refused them all until now. Here’s your golden opportunity to learn from me how to provide companionship to women.

You can get the benefit of my many years of experience being in the trenches of providing companionship to women. You will learn how to:


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  • Avoid mistakes that could cause you to lose a potential client, an actual client, or permanently destroy your career
  • Find clients anywhere
  • Get clients
  • Position yourself in the real world and online
  • Properly interact with clients before, during, and after engagements with them
  • Determine what clients want, need, and desire from you
  • Give women the most amazing experience(s)
  • Prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally and make the necessary lifestyle changes
  • Handle the business of providing companionship to women
  • Properly market yourself
  • Handle inquiries in person, on the phone, and online
  • Dress properly

I can work with you either as a coach or mentor.

As a coach, you can pick my brain in one-hour chunks of time at a cost of $400 per hour.

As a mentor, I will work with you one-on-one letting you know everything you need to know. This will be a multi-hour session at a cost of $1500. Upon successful completion, you will know how to get started and become successful in this business.

Guys, I have literally spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on self-development and professional development honing my skills as a human being, as a man that a woman would want to see, and as a lover. If you are unwilling to make a similar investment yet expect a woman to make an investment in you then frankly, you shouldn't be in this business.

Steps to get started:

  1. Cashapp a non-refundable $25 application fee
  2. Contact me to schedule an interview
  3. Pay a non-refundable 50% deposit of the coaching or mentor fee, as appropriate, upon my agreement to work with you. Afterward, the remaining balance must be paid in FULL prior to our first meeting. The remaining balance is also non-refundable.

Guys I'm looking for men who are serious about being male escorts for women. Contact me only when you are ready, willing, and able to meet all of the financial requirements and start training. Otherwise, I will not work with you. Also, I reserve the right to refuse to work with you before, during or after the mentoring or coaching if for any reason you are not a good fit for this business or my training.

However, if you are accepted as one to be coached or mentored, serious, and performing the prescribed tasks you will be successful in this business.

Many guys think that all they need to do this work is a d*ck, cell phone, and/or an ad, and women will beat down their doors to spend time with them. When the reality sets in that they were wrong they either give up or contact me.

Providing heterosexual companionship to women can be a rewarding experience for you and women but it requires much more than you can possibly imagine. I can help you get there.