Travel To You

Travel allows us to experience sensations that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

How would it feel to have me travel to you for an Adventure or Sensual Massage or Bondassage Adventure? Treat yourself to some delicious eye and arm candy while traveling for business, pleasure, or some other event that you do not want to attend alone. Maybe that business meeting, conference, family gathering, wedding or only to have me all to yourself behind closed doors?

In private I could light some candles, and burn some incense to share an intimate moment while you enjoy your favorite drink.

Passport ready and available to travel when you need me. We can rendezvous in your city, on an exotic beach in the Caribbean, or anywhere in the world that you desire to see me. I will be there for you.

First, check my travel schedule to see if I'm already scheduled to be where you desire me to rendezvous with you please.

If I'm not already scheduled to be where you desire me to be just cover the transportation cost (and hotel if applicable). I'll then make the necessary arrangements. In either case, a minimum duration of time with you will be required. Please visit the Donation page to reference the donation corresponding to the minimum time.

I'm happy to travel to see you at your pleasure. Of course, logistically it would require some advance notice.  We are both busy with many things that we need to do. Same-day bookings in most cases will be extremely hard to make happen. Thus providing as much advance notice as possible increases the chances of making it happen. Contact me if you have any questions.

Please click + to determine the minimum time commitment required for the desired destination.