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The challenge in life lies not in achieving all that we desire but in taking that first step to obtaining it.

I like to use the term Adventure instead of “date” because it not only relieves some of the pressure and anxiety that is often associated with a “date”. But more importantly, our time together will be such a unique and exciting experience(s) that it will linger in your imagination and forever be cherished in your heart.

I want to make our Adventure a lovely and memorable one. Your comfort and safety are a huge part of its success. It is also important to me professionally and personally. Please fill out the form with as much information as possible. It will help me to help you. You can email me the information on the form if you feel more comfortable doing so. I will contact you to confirm the details shortly thereafter.

I invite you to connect with me anytime before, during, or after our Adventure for any questions, or concerns, to say hi, or just because... Just go to my Contact page for the options on how to connect with me. Click here if you feel too shy, nervous or otherwise need guidance on what to say.

Generally, I’m available during the day or night as desired upon forty-eight hours of advanced notice. If less notice is required I will do my best to accommodate you but I can’t guarantee availability.

With respect to privacy, any information conveyed remains strictly confidential and will not be shared or sold to anyone.


My Booking form isn't working correctly. I'm taking steps to fix the problem. Until the problem is fixed please email me directly at anthonyasanti1 at gmail  dot com.

Please note that there's a number 1 after anthonyasanti and before the @.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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