Sexy Chef Dining For Epicurean Desires

Preparing a sexy dish for myself is a relaxing experience itself. Yet it’s even more of a delight to fulfill a woman’s epicurean desires. A  special lady who desires to indulge a delectable dining adventure created especially for her tastes. Preparing and eating a home cooked meal indulges all of the senses.

Preparing and eating a lovely meal can be a very sensual experience. The sight of food can be very pleasing to the eye. The aroma of it sometimes makes the mouth water as you anticipate its taste. The taste of a food ignites the taste buds as it passes the lips and touches the tongue. The texture of the food may be a turn on for some and a turn off for others as it touched by the lips tongue and perhaps the fingers. Some foods are intimately associated with sounds that signal its quality such as crackers.

Food has been a huge part of life since the tender age of fourteen. Mama task evened me with helping her in the kitchen preparing meals for the family. At first, the meals were prepared under her supervision. Eventually, I was able to prepare various dishes without her supervision. At the time I didn’t think it was sexy at all. I wanted to spend time outdoors playing with my friends. However, as I grew into a man and eventually moved from the family home I was able to appreciate her wisdom. She prepared me to be self-sufficient with this life-saving skill.

In the military, I learned to prepare any dish given a recipe card. As you can image, large quantities of a meal had to be prepared rather quickly and by the published breakfast, lunch or dinner time. While in college I use those lessons learned in preparing large amounts of a dish eating the leftovers until all gone. All in order to avoid making food every day. Then cooking the next meal. Even today I still use this time-saving process. Thus I prepared food only two or three days per week.

Given the choice, I would prefer to prepare a dining adventure for myself or that special friend rather than to eat at a restaurant. In my humble opinion, it’s much more relaxing, intimate and engenders a deeper connection between two people. Isn’t food porn the best and healthiest type of porn?

Following are dishes that I’ve prepared for myself or a special woman. I hope that you enjoy viewing my culinary powerlessness. Schedule the time with me for a bite. I would love to partake in such a sexy dining adventure with you.