Gigolo For Couples – 10 Tips For Engaging One For Her Enjoyment

gigolo, black gigolo, straight male escort manwhoreMany couples engage the services of a gigolo, aka a straight male escort catering exclusively to women, to satiate the woman’s deepest desires. And why not? She can explore the depths of her sensuality with a man who certainly will not interfere or pose a threat to the couple’s relationship. Also, if you need skills of a professional then you hire well… a “Professional” (pun intended).

I’ve been providing companionship to women and couples since 2011 and find that the reasons a couple may indulge in the pleasure of a straight male escort are as varied as the couple that engages them. Here are but a few:

  • Spice things up
  • She is intrigued by the idea of being with a gigolo
  • He has a fantasy of seeing the wife or girlfriend with another man
  • He suffers from an illness or injury that prevents him from either performing or adequately performing
  • She has fantasies about being with a man of a different and/or particular ethnicity

10 Tips for Engaging a Gigolo

Whatever the reason(s) for engaging a gigolo, here are a few tips for couples considering hiring a straight male escort

  1. Communicate Your Needs – Be ready to tell your male escort about your needs, wants and desires. Although it may be difficult to discuss your innermost desires with a stranger, being less than forthcoming will reduce the likelihood of fulfilling them. However, avoid being sexually explicit. Otherwise, your male companion may just completely cuff off communications with you.
  2. Choose A Renaissance Man – Select a gigolo who has multiple skills. Most couples primarily engage their male companion for only an intimate adventure. But occasionally, you may just want him to accompany you to a social event, take the wife or girlfriend site-seeing, dancing, accompany her shopping, attend an event, give her a sensual massage, Bondassage or even prepare a scrumptious dinner for the lovely couple then become the dessert.
  3. Find One Who Clicks With You – Gigolos come in many varieties. Choose one who gets you, understands your goals and genuinely wants to help you achieve them. This a relationship and like all relationships some people connect while others do not. It has little or no bearing on the quality of the male companion. It’s just the energies of the people involved.
  4. Straight Means Zero Intimacy Between Men – If hiring a straight male escort don’t expect him to become intimate with a man. Attempting to trick him, turn him into a bisexual or “accidentally” slip something in or on him during the throes of excitement will probably put an abrupt end to the adventure. It’s a huge offense. If you want your escort to service the man it’s better to hire a gay or bisexual male escort.
  5. Engage A High-end Professional – A quality straight male escort has certain traits.  The overwhelming majority (99.99999%) of male companions these days will be online in some way. Check his digital signature including his comments on social media. He should have a professional website and professional pictures. Lack of a website, selfies only, a free website, a link to an advertising site or little or no social media presence as an escort are red flags indicating take caution. Perhaps he hasn’t invested enough forethought, money or time into his business and/or his product (himself). If he doesn’t have a digital signature perhaps he is new to the business, retired, nearing retirement or a dangerous guy posing as an escort.
  6. Book Enough Time – If you have never hired a straight male escort or this particular one it will take some time for both of you, especially the wife or girlfriend to become relaxed, comfortable and feel safe with the male companion. After all, he is a stranger.
  7. Don’t Backseat Drive – If you want things done a certain way or order it should be agreed upon in advance. A quality straight male escort should know what he is dong. Thus, it’s best to let him lead. Trying to direct what, when and how he does his thing only serves to break the flow of intimacy between him and the woman.
  8. She Must Be All In – Sometimes the husband or boyfriend is the one pushing for a rendezvous to occur. Unless the wife or girlfriend is as passionate as her significant another it’s better to wait until and if she does. Additionally, it is not a good idea to surprise her by having a male escort show up, trick her into it or worse try to force her to go along.
  9. Take Part – If your encounter is a threesome, foursome or moresome, of course, her significant other will have a role but even if it’s a one on one between her and the gigolo then help set up, hold her hand, encourage her (see below), etc. There may be the option of a Couple’s Adventure where there is a female escort for the husband/boyfriend and a male escort for the wife/girlfriend. Obvious this must be arranged beforehand. But if she knows you are having fun she can relax and do the same.
  10. Encourage Her – Some women may become concerned gigolo, sexy escort guidethat her man will become jealous so she may hold back her own enjoyment. The husband/boyfriend in the couple should let her know that her enjoyment turns him on. This helps to mitigate or completely eliminate that concern.

Compersion For Her With A Gigolo

There’s actually a term to describe when a partner is happy for and supportive of the other partner having an amazing experience with someone else. It’s called compersion. A couple’s tryst with a gigolo may not be for every relationship but if you desire to explore this possibility it may be just what you need. I would be honored to help you navigate what could be an amazing adventure for the both of you.